Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs

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  • Developing the judicial system, qualifying and training judges so as to achieve superseding justice.
  • Strengthening judicial ethics and enhancing its systems.
  • Carry out judicial inspection in accordance with the judicial inspection regulation.
  • Organizing the administrative and financial affairs of courts and supervising them.
  • Regulating Expertise procedures in accordance with the laws.
  • Regulating and managing the work of the notary public.
  • Supervising lawyers’ affairs in accordance with the applied rules and regulations.
  • Preparing and issuing the relevant regulations, by-laws, and decisions.
  • Proposing the projects of law related to the Ministry’s functions.
  • Acting on regional and international cooperation with respect to judicial affairs.
  • Managing and investing orphans’ and underage properties so as to maintain them in accordance with the rules and procedures in this respect.

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