Ministry of Heritage and Tourism

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The Ministry’s vision is to develop culture and heritage and to reinforce the enrichment and diversity of these two arenas. The Ministry looks forward to introducing itself as one of the pioneering official institutions that seek to preserve the cultural heritage of Oman’s society across all categories locally, regionally and internationally. It also aspires to contribute in preserving and developing national wealth as well as in promoting a sense of pride and belonging among Omani citizens. One of the Ministry’s objectives is to support the feeling of pride towards local artistic works produced from the skill and mastery of practitioners and to promote Oman’s cultural production in all areas of knowledge.

The Ministry looks forward to making the Sultanate of Oman a distinct cultural interface with an ability to communicate with other cultures around the world by building cultural bridges. The Ministry, since its early beginnings in the fields of heritage and culture, has defined its objectives to preserve the genuine identity of Oman and to protect the correlation of its structure. Thus, Oman’s identity has become an imprint distinguishes the Omani citizen.


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