Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs

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The Ministry of Endowments (Awqaf) and Islamic Affairs is one of the important ministries in the State of Qatar that applies Islam both as a methodology and ideology. It cares for the affairs of Muslims through different means: in the field of Da'wah (call to Allah), in running the mosques, maintaining and refurbishing them, and supervising them for the sake of the wellbeing of the Muslims, both the citizens and residents.
Its importance lies in reflecting the Islamic feature of the State through guiding, developing and caring for the religious activity and promoting the magnanimous values and moral principles and the religious awareness in the Qatari society; in addition to taking care of the Noble Qur’an and its sciences, reviving research and Islamic heritage, and facilitating Hajj and ‘Umrah affairs and worship facilities; spreading the tolerant culture of Islam which represents the importance of religion, since Islam is the religion of all human beings. That’s in addition to the embodiment of social solidarity through managing Endowment and Zakah Funds affairs, while relying on institutional work, and rational recruitment of material and human resources, as well as the use of modern technologies and best initiatives and practices, and in keeping up with the digital revolution, and communicating with the Muslims through the Internet  and cooperation and partnership with all groups of society, both the related local and international organizations and institutions.

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