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Question: Men what are your signals?
Answer: Hi, can you please make one of Colombian men, thanks. You will get access to sexy and hot experienced women archive. These mature girls will surprise you with their sexual apettite.
Question: What does this mean?
Answer: Where is the Bajan accent? it's Rihannas accent and is very very hot. Danica Collins is the kind of a mature brunette who puts a stir into just about any pair of pants. Not only Danica has a voluptuous ass, a great heavy rack and a lovely face, she also has tons of class and taste about her. This is the kind of lady you want to grab you by the hand or better by something else and just take you into the world of sexy shoes, sensual stockings, mind-blowing accessories and other things ladies at that age know so much about.
Question: Is it okay to have sex with your exes ex?
Answer: A portuguesa do Porto tem um sotaque sexy como o diabo! You will get access to sexy and hot experienced women archive. These mature girls will surprise you with their sexual apettite. You will meet older and more older girls with big tits or flat chested with slim or fatter body doing things you will love.
Question: Having sex with the same person all your life?
Answer: Ahhh so good and typically Italian :)

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Question: HOW do you take things slow?
Answer: I dated an Indian girl in high school. I walked her home once and she ran away when she saw someone who knew her family. She said she couldn't be seen talking to me. The video has cleared up so much confusion for me.

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Question: Does he still love me? or im i just wrong.
Answer: Es un saber y potar.pero bueno xd

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Question: Would you date someone who wants to sell tacos on his/her porch?
Answer: OMG the sun and job thing are so true

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Question: How should I approach this situation?
Answer: They are very loud its like they have worms on their butt and sometimes they act dumb but sometimes they are funny and stupid and loves shopping

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Question: How did you ask your partner out/how were you asked?
Answer: Feels like it's just a perfect moment to set up a Patreon account

Take a interruption.

Question: One night stand opinions? Ever had one?
Answer: That woman was 60? She looks at least 20 years younger!

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